Andrew P. Obon (APO)

Contact Guru Andrew at: 46 Phillips St. Phillips, Bukidinon, Philippines, 8705
Postal Address: 8851
Mobile Number:09212000365 or 09161328867
Phone from outside the Philippines: (8851) 630921200365

Video: A short message from Punong Guro Andrew P. Obon (APO)


  1. Arnis is my long time ambition.The style of Balintawaw Arnis is so good and reliable
    when self defense is concern.I want to learn with this kind of arnis.Please give me
    some information if you have any branch here in metro manila.Thanks and more
    power to Balintawak Arnis.

  2. Hello there! I am italian. I have been study filipino kali for 6 years. I would like to study balintawac next December when I’ll be travelling in Philippines. Is that possible? Can you send me an email so we can stay in touch for details?

  3. Hi there. My name is Maurizio. I am from Italy and I am willing to come and visit Philippines next December. I have been doing Filipino Kali for 7 years and during my vacation I would like to be trained in the art of Balintawac by the Guru.Is that possible? Please anwer me by email. Thanks. My email is

  4. hi master andrew since you don’t have club/branch here in metro manila, may I ask if you know someone teaching balintawak arnis in manila? thank you

  5. Good day sir!

    Sir, may I know if you have branch here in cagayan de oro city? Where is the location? May I know also the the whole course payments? How many days a week is the training? schedules?

    I am very much interested to join this martial arts.

    Hoping for your reply

    God bless and more power to you Sir Andrew…

  6. Hi Sir. I saw your ad in OLLES where my son is enrolled and texted the contact person. I’m very interested to join your club. I studied Balintawak for a few months while in college in XU. It left a huge impact. I’m still assigned in General Santos but I’m hoping to get reassigned soon to Northern Mindanao so that I’ll be closer to my home in Alae, M. Fortich. I’m very excited to learn under you.

  7. Sir.. ga accept pamo og student? Dugay nako gusto maka.tuon og eskrima especially the Balintawak style.. ask ko lang po kung asa po ang inyong location(specific)? Tga Cagayan de Oro po ako.. do u have any branch in Cdeo?

    SALAMAT PO ^___^

    1. Hello Hand Blade. You can visit us in alae in Sarmineto’s compound, just at the edge of alae bridge adjacent to Guanco warehouse. We have practices in alae every Sunday 9am-12pm. And we can arrange for a venue for you in Cagayan do Oro. Potentially in Bugo. Here is our contact number – 09165039923. – Guru Andrew

      1. Good day!

        Thank you for sharing! yes I am willing to join… I really want to learn ARNIS. 🙂 … I will call you tomorrow Sir Andrew. Have a blessed Sunday to you Sir. 

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