A Grandmaster, in reference to the traditional definition in the Martial Arts, is one who founded his own Original System and develops and propagates it to a significant level of appreciation by the Martial Arts Community.

All if not most, traditional Grandmaster had earned the sacred and highest title in the respective system they founded. Based on the definition, one cannot claim to be a Grandmaster by mere combination or integration of various martial arts technique, style, and system and rename it; and claim it as a new creation.

This is unbecoming and above all unethical practice of a so-called Grandmaster. It is a manifestation of outright disrespect to the founder and predecessor of the various styles or systems from which you cut and paste in your called creation.

The title of a Grandmaster is not offered on a silver platter. It has to be earned the hard way through one’s sweat, blood, originality and long years of developing and refining art into a system. The proper recognition of those so-called Grandmasters, if they had partially fulfilled the requirements, should be addressed instead as honorary grandmaster.

That is if had partially fulfilled the requirements, should be addressed instead as honorary Grandmaster. That is if they really deserve the honor for their achievements and duly certified by the proper authority. Along with this, they should be an advocate and practitioner of a sound value system that they preach.

Being mild outside but strong within is a manifestation of the fruit of a good value system. This is an important prerequisite of a Grandmaster and Masters of the Martial Arts.

Image: Supreme Grand Master Venancio “Ancion” Bacon (image courtesy of Balintawak.net)

Finally, a Grandmaster is one who has a legacy in the martial arts of his or her advocacy. Grandmasters Vinancio “Anciong” Bacon is an epitome of a genuine Grandmaster. His legacy is comparable to the other great legends of the Martial Arts.

APO-Balintawak Self Defense System, All Rights Reserved. No portion of the text may be used or reproduced in part or in whole without the express written consent of APO-Balintawak Self Defense System.


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