In Balintawak Eskrima, the principle of simultaneous actions combines offense and defense into one movement, making it a complete technique in itself. It is aimed at hitting two birds with one stone. The principle turns an offense into defense and vice-versa. It deploys a combination of strikes from three, four, and even five consecutive blows. The strikes are executed in a rapid transition of flowing motion.

Image: Guru Andrew P. Obon and Rojelio Pepito Jr.

These combo strikes were developed and handed down by the old Eskrima Grandmasters of Panay, who have authorized CASASAI Grandmaster Melicio Balberde to teach and propagate their various masterpieces.

The combo-strikes combine offense, defense, and counter strikes into one. It is also known as the “three in one technique.” It gives the practitioner a single focus; to strike with speed and accuracy. It also enhances the principle of instinctive action.

APO-Balintawak Eskrima, being an affiliate of CASASAI also teaches the combo strikes to its advance students. On the other side of the coin is the need to defend effectively against these combo strikes, and for our group to be familiar with the other Eskrima styles.


APO-Balintawak Self Defense System, All Rights Reserved. No portion of the text may be used or reproduced in part or in whole without the express written consent of APO-Balintawak Self Defense System.


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