This principle in Balintawak Eskrima seeks to equalize the speed of offense with that of defense. It is said that offense is faster than defense. This is because offense usually has the advantage of a head-start and builds up its momentum with a series of offensive moves.

In Balintawak Eskrima, the offense is just as fast as a defense. This is because we start to block the strike as it takes off. This system is known for its formidable defensive maneuvers. This way, the block would meet the strike midway to its intended target and intercept the strike when its speed and power are still half its full potential.

Image: Guru Andrew P. Obon and Fidel Columbres

APO-Balintawak Self Defense System, All Rights Reserved. No portion of the text may be used or reproduced in part or in whole without the express written consent of APO-Balintawak Self Defense System.


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